Adding Inspiring Artwork to Your Home Office

The art you display can be an expression of your inner self. It is usually an extension of your personality, your taste, your love for life, emotions among so many other things. There is no particular place that is traditionally set aside for art. You can have art anywhere, at home, at work, in schools, in our places of worship and in the office. Art is almost always an option. 

In this virtual world, more and more people are beginning to work from home. Many of them have simply set aside spaces or rooms to act as their home office. Working from home has its advantages in that it saves money, time, and is extremely convenient. But every now and then we all need to feel inspired and motivated, and art is able to do just that. Through art, priceless and timeless memories are preserved from one generation to another.  

The home office is equally as important as the rest of the house. Unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected when it comes to decorating. People usually gravutate towards beautifying their living rooms or bathrooms or making plans to overhaul their bedrooms. Most home office spaces simply contain the bare essentials like a chair, a working desk, a clipboard,  a computer, and some files. This hardly offers any motivation or enjoyment. Adding some art to your working space will provide a conducive environment to enhance productivity. As they say, nicer surroundings result in higher productivity.

Keep in mind that your home office needs to be both functional, fashionable and also be able to reflect your personality well. It is possible to add an expression of yourself in your home office without it being too costly. You will feel inspired every time you go to work, whether you are crunching those numbers or writing a book, take your creativity to another level.

Choosing Art for Your Home Office

Picking the Right Color

Different colors affect our moods in different ways. For example, the color red is a bold color that is meant to excite us while the color white is said to have a calming effect on us. Yellow, on the other hand, is meant to cheer you up while blue is supposed to energize you and make you feel more ready to tackle your responsibilities. Whatever you prefer, pairing wall tones together with pieces of art is a good way to soothe and motivate you.

Avoiding Cluttered Space

Art does not need to be cluttered and messy. Just because you have beautiful or expensive pieces of art does not mean that you now clutter your office with everything that you own. It, therefore, goes without saying that if you are working in an environment that is cluttered or messy, starting from the furniture to the type of decorations you use, your level of productivity will go down. Simplicity is the name of the game. Depending on the size and the location of your home office, even one or two beautiful pieces of art or wall hangings will be enough.

Seeking Inspiration

Art is meant to motivate you and improve your productivity. So before you decorate that office, ask yourself what inspires you to be a better person or wake up early in the morning to get your work done? When you look at the piece you’ve chosen, does it inspire you or lift up your spirits? Does it make you smile? Does it educate you? Is it beautiful? Is it safe? Is it functional? All these questions are important and can affect what pieces you choose to put up in your office.

Personalizing Your Art Collection

Art is an extension of you as an individual so whatever you choose to put up should be a reflection of your personality and what you believe in. Adding artwork that you love and connect with can help to cheer you up as well calm you down.

9 Types of Artwork for Your Office Space 

1. Photo Wall 

Gallery walls displaying important moments of your life, or showing the important people and events in your life, complete with beautiful frame styles for your pictures/photos would create a unique display in your office.

2. Black and White Photographs

These particular photographs, when blown up and put in a canvas that hasn’t been framed, produce a powerful impact that will leave your visitor with lasting memories.

3. Rugs

Rugs can be both decorative and functional. Different colors and patterns can be soothing to the eye and the rug will also absorb any sound or noise thus ensuring that the office is as comfortable as possible. You can also add a yarn wall hanging so as to create a working space that feels and also looks cozy.

4. Words

Art does not necessarily have to be pictures or paintings. It can also be beautiful words with meaningful phrases that have been carefully crafted on a blank wall. These words could be motivational words or even a simple but powerful prayer or declaration.

5. World Map

The world map placed on your wall is an educational piece of art. It provides information while at the same time making a bold statement about your office.

6. Animals

Curved animals like the big five or photos of birds not only serve as great mementos but provide an excellent piece of art for the office. We have beautiful wood carvings that have been carefully hand-painted which could also serve as reminders of places we have visited, and those curved animals will serve as souvenirs from the trip.

7. Bookshelves

Beautifully done bookshelves complete with lovely artwork and treasure also gives your home office an elegant finish. A unique display of achievements and awards keeps you motivated and challenged to keep improving yourself and to keep achieving your goals.

8. Lighting and Paint

Refreshing your lights with beautiful chandeliers is a great way to add a bit of glamour to your office. The floors and walls when painted well add some depth to the space.

9. Plants

Plants can be a great piece of art. Not only do they clean your air by removing carbon dioxide and giving you oxygen but they also make the room look more ‘alive’ and what’s more give you a much-needed break. When you get up from your seat to just go and smell the flowers or to water your plants, you get to break off the tension even if it’s just for a few minutes and that is able to calm you down as well.

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