What is OfficeRater?

OfficeRater is a website for sharing and rating home offices.

As the popularity of working from home continues to grow; more and more people are setting up dedicated home working spaces.

The primary goal of OfficeRater is to be a source of inspiration when setting up a new work space or when making improvements to your existing home office.

If you see an office that you like, you can favourite it to be used a reference later.

OfficeRater is a platform for home office enthusiasts. All offices are uploaded directly by our users.

If you’re proud of the space you’ve set up, or if you’re looking for tips to improve it, OfficeRater is the place to share it.

The community are encouraged to rate offices. This informs the order in which offices appear on the home page.

The ratings serve two purposes:

  1. People who are looking for inspiration get to see the best home offices first.
  2. It introduces a bit of fun to the site. Who doesn’t want to see if their office is the best?!

Anyone can view offices, but to list your own office, rate other offices and favourite them, you’ll need to create an account.

The current iteration of OfficeRater is a minimal viable product.

If people like the site, it will be further advanced with new features.

If you have any requests for features, bugs to report or just want to get in touch about the site, you can do so via the contact page.

How Are Offices Rated?

The algorithm for rating offices is currently straightforward.

A user rates an office 1-5 stars.

This rating is then added to the existing ratings and divded by the number of total ratings an office has.

This gives an average and is the figure you see on a per office basis on the site.

All instances where offices are listed are ordered first by rating to ensure that the best home offices are at the top.

The rating algorithm is subject to change in the future to become more advanced and refined.

How do I view the best home offices?

You can see the best home offices on OfficeRater by going to the home page.

They’re ordered firstly by user ratings, but can be further filtered to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

With OfficeRater you can:

  • Filter by the style of office, such as “modern” or “retro”.
  • Find the best home offices by colour.
  • Search for offices that are used by people in the same profession.

How do I compile a list of my favourite offices?

When viewing a single office, click the “favourite” button.

This office will then be viewable in your account under the “Favourite Offices” heading.

How can I Add my office?

To add your office to OfficeRater, you’ll need an account.

Once you’ve registered, click the “add an office” button on your account page (or head to the add office page directly).

From here, fill in the form with details about your office.

Please ensure that you own the rights to add the information to OfficeRater before you submit it.

On successful submission, your office will be live and ready to be rated!