Introducing OfficeRater

As someone who has worked from home for over a decade, I’ve always had a keen interest in home offices.

Whether it be decor, equipment or computer hardware – I’m on the look out for how best to improve my space.

Let’s face it, when you work from home, a specific place to do so is essential.

With the remote working trends on the rise, I can only see more homes having dedicated home offices set up within them.

Wouldn’t it be great if the home working community could share their offices as a source of inspiration to others?

This is where the idea for OfficeRater was born.

That and a really successful blog post about my current setup.

OfficeRater version 1

The current version of OfficeRater is simplistic, but does the job well.

As with the execution of my other recent idea (Freelancer to Freelancer Lead Sharing), please consider this to be an MVP.

If people like the site, I’ll build it out further using the ideas backlog I have whirring around my brain.

Give it a go!

The success of OfficeRater will be down to the community who use it.

The more offices that are listed on the platform, the more informational and fun it will be to use.

If you’re someone who works from home, it’d be awesome if you could share your office.

I’ve added mine!

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