Minimalist garden office on a budget

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This garden office belongs to freelance writer and content designer, Iain Broome. He runs one half of a UK–Scandinavian content studio called Very Meta and this is where the magic happens.

The office is in fact a converted summerhouse. It came second-hand and completely empty. The walls have been insulated and then covered with basic plywood, which cost around £30 a sheet. The desk is made out of that very same plywood and the floor is a cheap black and white lino.

Does it get cold? Yes, absolutely freezing. However, it soon warms up with a £20 heater bought from the local DIY store. A big mug of coffee helps on those winter mornings.

The office has its own fuse box, which is connected to the house mains via a long weatherproof cable. The WiFi from the house just about works, though the speed is heavily reduced. When necessary, a 30 metre ethernet cable does the trick nicely.

Oh – and the chair was about £50 from Made. Total cost for the whole build was £250–300.

Listed by Iain Broome


  • Minimal
  • Modern


  • Black
  • Orange

Who Works Here

  • Freelancer
  • Writer


  • UK


  • Natural Light
  • Garden office
  • Plywood


  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • MacBook Pro
  • Rode Podcaster

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