Modern Farmhouse Home Office

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I completely overhauled my home office in 2018. My old desk was small, cluttered, and had no storage, which led me to work from coffee shops a few times each week. I wasn't very motivated to work in my own work space.

The new desk is 100% handmade in my basement and 7 feet long. It's much more organized and conducive to long days of hard work. The results? I only worked from coffee shops a few days the entire year.

I love waking up early and getting to work. The space is inviting, clean, and relaxing. Having the right work environment boosted my productivity!

I also added all my favorite fun things to the rest of the space. It may be too cluttered for some, but as someone who grew up tinkering, I find it to be inspiring.

Listed by Matt Olpinski


  • Vintage


  • White

Who Works Here

  • Freelancer


  • USA


  • Dual Screens
  • Wood Floor
  • Large Desk


  • MacBook Pro

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