My home office in Amsterdam

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This is my home office whenever I am not on the road. I bought this desk 15 years ago, and it is still holding up pretty well, although I doubt there will be room for another monitor.

I have been looking at upgrading to a standing desk, as it seems to be the popular approach nowadays but for the time being this is has been a pretty solid setup.

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  • Modern


  • White

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  • Developer Advocate


  • Amsterdam


  • Multiple Screens
  • Natural Light

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2 thoughts on “My home office in Amsterdam”

  1. Nice Jaap!

    I notice that you have a vertical monitor like me.

    I was thinking about changing my setup to have two landscape monitors, but fear I’ll miss the vertical space when coding.

    Is that what you use the vertical space for too?

    Standing desks are definitely becoming more popular. I’m planning to try one out too.

    • I thought I would like it for vertical coding, but it has turned into my distraction (anything with notifications, twitter/slack/messaging) and Spotify monitor.

      I tend to work on my center monitor, do searches and keep things on standby for later reference, on the left monitor.


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