Renovating A Storage Space To Serve As A Home Office

In the recent past, many people have resorted to working from home for one reason or another. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of September 2019, approximately 29% of Americans had been reported to be working from home. Since then, the numbers keep on increasing substantially.

How to Renovate a Storage Space to Serve as a Home Office

We all know that working from home means having a home office space. Unfortunately, many people don’t put much effort into it. They may opt to simply place a desk in a spare room or use a setup in their bedroom or living room, giving little thought to ergonomics.

However, to ensure that you stay productive, you need a place that is organized and free from distraction. Thankfully, with a few smart tricks up your sleeves, you can renovate any of your storage spaces into your ideal home office.

1. Pick out a space 

The first step to renovating a storage space into a home office is first to select a storage space. Of course, picking out a storage space will depend on a couple of factors, including:

What type of business are you planning to operate from home? 

This is arguably the most important factor determining the kind of space you would pick to serve as your home office. it further determines the type, location, and size of the storage space you’ll need. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, your first option will be going for a space that is quiet and far from any distractions. The ideal storage space would be a closet. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to set up an automotive paint shop, your ideal workspace might be the garage, where you will be able to operate comfortably. 

What storage spaces are available in your home?

The availability of  space that can be converted to in office in your home will determine a couple of things. For starters, if you have several storage spaces, choose one that will fully cater for your needs. For instance, if you have an extra closet and the attic or the basement, the ideal storage space would be the closet if you do not want any distractions from other activities inside the house. If your work involves generating noise or other by-products like smoke or dust, then the attic or basement might be the best choice. 

On the other hand, if you do not have as many storage spaces, you could still find a way to remodel other rooms in your house to create space for your office.

Will you be expecting anyone during your office hours?

While working, you will possibly have people visiting your office, like clients or an assistant. Since you will be working from home, it is best to pick a space that sets you aside from the home setting. You wouldn’t want your clients brushing shoulders with your partner or kids. Therefore, go for space with an outside door, where anyone can comfortably come in and out or go for one outside the house, like the garage.

2. Pick out your office essentials

Now that you have selected and cleared your desired space, it’s time to pick out and get your office essentials in order. There are so many things you will need for your office to be fully functional. Before getting anything, first of all, look around the house. You may not have realized it, but many of the things you need are right under your nose.

For example, you may have an old dining chair that can serve as your office chair, an old desk that would work as your office desk, or an extra computer lying around. This will help you cut down the costs of buying the things you need in your office.

With that being said, let’s look at the must-have essentials for your home office. 

1. Desk:

Choose a desk that provides you with enough space to place your computer or laptop and other essentials, and still have some space left to work on. If you are on a tight budget, go for a desk with drawers so you will not need a cabinet or drawers. However, watch out for desks that will take up too much of your space.

2. Desk chair:

Chances are you will be spending close to eight hours on that chair, therefore you need a good quality one. Otherwise you will have a lot of health complications. Go for a chair with an adjustable length and depth, a backrest, armrests, and enough cushioning.

3. Shelves/cabinets:

Decide on which one works for you, depending on the available space and the things you need to store. You can install wall shelves and have an extra cabinet or bookshelf outside your office to save more space.

4. Lighting:

This depends on the location of the space. If you picked a bedroom closet, then go for lamps that are not too bright or too dull. If you picked the garage or even an extra room, try as much as you can to utilize the natural light around you. Keep the windows open, and if you prefer curtains, use ones that let the light in.

5. Technology:

Probably the most important essential to keep your office functional. You will need a desktop or a laptop, whatever works is fine. Also, high-speed internet is vital. You do not want to wait for ages to connect to a video conference call or for an email to be delivered to the intended recipient. The best option is to have a separate source of the internet from the one you and your family are using at home.

Renovate a Storage Space to the Home Office of Your Dreams

There you have it! With these tips, you will definitely create the home office of dreams. Just make sure to always keep it organized and don’t hold your creative side back. Design your office according to your taste. After all, this is your office.

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