Standing Desk Designs For Home Workspace

Working from home is a good experience since you will save on the daily and possibly long commute to work. However, you run the risk of developing bad habits and poor health due to increased inactivity. Since you may be seated for an extended period of time, you may have to think of ways to improve your posture and the way you work. It is possible to work while standing, thanks to standing desk designs for your home workspace.

Standing Desk Designs For Home Workspace

It has been said that sitting is the new smoking. This is because low levels of physical activity and being seated for extended periods of time may cause health risks. The use of standing desks helps you to be more productive while also improving your posture. Reduced weight gain, reduced risk of heart diseases, and boosted levels of energy are some of the advantages of working while standing. The following are some of the standing desk designs that you can get for your home workspace:

Redfold Desk

This desk stand is a good choice for many, especially because it is easily portable and 100% recyclable. It is easily foldable and since it is made of cardboard, it is light. The additional advantages of the Redfold desk include its durability and sturdiness. It has a removable and replaceable top.

Kangaroo Ergo Desktop

You can have a desk on top of your usual desk. You will not worry about the Kangaroo Ergo Desktop falling over because it is heavy and has a solid steel base. It is suitable for monitors that have cables running down vertically and not horizontally from the back of the monitor. This desk is also adjustable and has side work stations that are optional and detachable.  


The Movi desk is unique because it can be used in both the seating position and standing position. It has an award-winning design and is simple to use and adjust, at the push of a button. Since your work needs can change through the day, you can adjust the desk to suit your needs. The workplace area is spacious and you can do large amounts of work on it. The Movi desk has smart features such as an ergonomic digital display, two USB charging ports, a built-in sit-stand reminder, and auto-sleep power save mode.

Standing Desk 01 & 02

This standing desk is designed by Artifox. The walnut wood structure is solid. The height is adjustable and can be suitable for use by different people. After its use, it can be organized with ease and stored away neatly. The Standing Desk 02 is highly durable and made of walnut and steel. It is thoughtfully designed, with hooks to hang items such as scarves and headphones, a grid for cable management, and a dock to safely hold your phone in place.


A standing desk design ought to offer you practicality and comfortability. This is exactly what you get with the Jarvis standing desk. It is simple yet versatile, and the height can be easily adjusted. The metallic frame is height-adjustable and you use buttons to adjust the height. The top surface on which you can work is made of wood.

Renew Standing Desk

The Renew standing desk is designed and manufactured by Herman Miller, the makers of ergonomic chairs. Quality and ergonomics is something that you can also expect from them in this standing desk design. The table height is adjustable and it can also be set up to sitting or standing design with ease. In addition to the amazing ergonomics, you use little amounts of electricity in adjusting the height of the desk.

What to Consider as You Search for a Standing Desk Design

Just like any other product that you shop, there are some factors that you should consider when buying a standing desk. Here are 8 things to check on:

  1. Cost: The standing desk should be within your budget. You should select a desk design that offers you the functionality you need and is offered at a price that is reasonable and affordable to you.
  2. Ergonomics: The desk should be comfortable to use by you and others. You should be able to work with ease without straining your back, eyes, it hands, while you type or write on the desk.
  3. Adjustability: If your home office space is used by a number of people in the household, you may have to consider everyone when buying the desk stand. To suit everyone’s preference, it would be best to buy a standing desk that has an adjustable design. It will fit the users’ height and preferences. In addition to this, you will have to know if the adjustment is done manually or electrically. 
  4. Portability: Since you may be working in different rooms depending on your schedule or the lighting at different times of the day, you might need a desk stand that can be carried with ease.
  5. Ease of setting up: It is best to get a desk stand that can be easily assembled. You might have to research if you need expert assistance or tools to set up the standing desk. Some desk stands come readily set up while others would need you to spend some time assembling them.
  6. Sturdiness: Just like other desks, you need a stable workspace. You should buy a standing desk that has a steady and relible design.
  7. Durability: The desk stand should preferably have a long useful life. You ought to check the materials and the weight that it can support.
  8. Suitability: Different standing desks are designed to suit different needs and purposes. You should get a standing desk that suits your specific needs, whether it’s working, writing, or gaming. You should also find out if they include space for cables to pass behind them and if there is additional storage space.

Stand Up and Stand Out  In Your Work

We hope that you now have a solution to your work style and workspace. Get one of the amazing standing desk designs and you will be sure to work steadily and think on your feet, quite literally. Enjoy working from home and keep up with your outstanding work.

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